Religious books and belief

Everyone follows some “religion” and is is taken as a way of life. However, if one considers the two mainstream religions of today, people are not aware that  generations  are, were  and will be inflicted with the culture of two Arabs and it is their “Books” Badly translated, mutilated, and gender discriminatory at its inception.Are books to be believed? Not if they are purportedly “found” to make their belief a valid cause or reason or theory. They forget one of the 5 precepts, (given below)  and use it instead “bearing false witness”

bearing false witness


Turkish find Book which predicts Mohammad’s arrival

I do not exist

Jesus  an Arab of Bethlehem  and Mohammad an  Army general, and an Arab from Mecca unless we decide to go with neither, and go with an unseen being who has no icon, no image, no symbol and is not restricted to a gender, nor to a locality.  Pretty difficult to pinpoint therefore? 


bethlehem mecca map

However, from birth to death and in its rituals are “religious” themes, the Baptismal font to marks of “humility”.. Servitude under “education” of a culture which is not of our land, nor of our ideology, nor of our race. Christianity of old has its bloodiest and bloodless (new) rituals, declarations of kings and their greed, infliction of religion by violence (which is current in Islam but not in Christianity) and akin to modern day islam, aka the Spanish Inquisition.  The Spanish Inquisition (also 3 volumes by Jean Plaidy)

The Q’rans verses of violence

baptismal font

children blood stained Mumbai

Following an unseen being has its proof in water. A brilliant mathematician, if nothing else as considered by the non-believers, who estimates the minute (minit) and minute (mynyute) use of what keeps the  creatures (we are too, animals, plants, microorganisms etc), alive on this planet (earth). A “Do not” being.

water is an intelligent being

God rules by Andrea

Jesus could have been sent to warn people of the specifics relating to an Army General’s lifestyle, who came after Jesus.  Mohammad is not a prophet, but a man, and a leader with a lifestyle that suits the male populace while it denigrates the females from use to death 

the crimes of the prophet

and if not him, his followers.

Pakistan Islamic council on Ideology states women anti islamic

ISIS kills 150 women for refusing to marry Jihadists

ISIS kills women for refusing to be sex slaves

Is ISIS a militant group that follows Islam

The difference between a man and a prophet? The man promotes evil, the prophet promotes good. The prophet is designated by his actions, and it is generally peace,and no gender discriminator. “Man” is gender discriminatory. A man generally says “do” while a prophet would say “Do not”. Jesus was a “Do not” man. Therefore let’s say, he comes under the category of a peace maker, thus a prophet. A prophet is not designated by man, but “a being”..  but because of translation errors, anyone can call themselves prophets, an it is added “of doom”.. and is “qualified” by Man but not qualified men. 

meaning of “prophet” as said by Man..

Under this religious sorcery is also the “Holy Spirit” another being who seems to prefer only the male sex, and blesses men or inspires men with intelligence to write and to “think”. What of the women? A forgotten gender, or allegedly cursed the day the apple was handed over to Adam. Judging from the world today and the religious laws that emerge on the hour relating to sexuality and its predominance in the lives of the Fatwas, it is more likely Adam who gave Eve the apple  with the words “If you do not eat of this apple”, I will kill you”.. See links above “killing  for refusing”


What makes Jesus a likely prophet,  Messages and examples of Miracles, Cures, feeding of the 5000 and the 7000, and the parables that relate to “Do not kill, do not steal, do not covet,  do not bear false witness (lie) and do not commit adultery”proves that Jesus could be a prophet and a follower of Allah, aka God, an invisible being who amongst 10 commandments are these 5 precepts to good living. One should avoid the first 5, if there is then “Freedom” to use one’s intelligence and proclivity for “reason”. Logical it has to be.

A “Do not” practice “creature”  is definitely not a man because most men are “Do” and give you conditionals under which the “Do” can be done. But what makes Jesus a man? because he was born of a “chosen” Arab woman, mother Mary, and a foster father, a  Carpenter St. Joseph also an Arab. Just ordinary people or very simple lifestyles.  Not born of kings nor royalty.

Let us call these 5 “Do not” rules, the 5 precepts or commandments. That is enough.

arabic version of God religion

Jesus most definitely addresses a subject in practice today, “he who is free of sin, cast the first stone” about women in the Arabic culture and under their religion who are stoned to death for whatever reason, mainly, the husband who wants himself some new flesh so he says his wife committed adultery. No where in the world except in those countries that practice this heinous crime is in countries where Islam is practiced.

The 5 common commandments specifically speak and go against all the practices of the Army General who amassed wealth and women during his lifetime. Do not covet could be the innocence of youth, and a body that is too immature to give children, but pleasure to a pervert and pedophile.Yes I love children.  But it will never be translated in these books and if given and parroted by the followers will be given with codicils, if, but, maybe, and modal verbs, should, could would, can, might etc.. fatwa on incest

Fatwa that allows incest

In Christian countries, there is divorce. One does not need to kill a woman to get yourself another. Amicable settlement is Christianity and judge not and you shall not be judged except to pay alimony to the offended is a punishment and release, unless the pay person refuses to pay and one has to hound them to get paid, so one may as well stay married.

Mohammad made no miracles, only examples of a lifestyle that is envied by all men.  He is a mere man. His actions as given in their books, The Q’ran and the present shariya law, is his actions and his examples, exemplified by the current affairs of today and personified in posts by Fatwas, religious declarations that are considered said by an “Authority” therefore unquestioned. However, the books on the subject of sexuality are more predominant in Islaam than in other religions, except maybe, the Kamasutra which is of Indian origin.

Fatwa permitting sodomy

Islamic sexual jurisprudence

Aphorisms of love, the Kamasutra

There are many reasons given to murder anyone.

Muslims have the right to kill

It appears now that they are murdering themselves.

Muslims killing muslims

If the extinction of a race is a “Divine” intent, then it goes against the precept of the maker of the “Do not kill” command. Illogical, unreasoned and definitely questionable, but then it is not the actions of the “Divine” or its intent, but the actions of man (generic) and his inculcation into his “religion” or thinking.

What is the cure? Follow the 5 precepts as given above. Any law  “converted” to the basic 5 precepts. That means a peaceful world, cohabiting without constraint, and freedom for all to coexist and enjoy a planet made for us all. The perfect world. Yes, maybe only in another “Book”.. But it wont be written by many because it does not exist while there is a war between those who want power and those who refuse to give power. This is about women, but then, they will never be given a voice by the men in power.

break the chains 2 with arrows to breast and crotch.jpg

Under the criteria of who can be killed are the “homosexuals” those who have “sex with the same sex”, but it is, as seen, above, not restricted to sex with children. Coveting innocence, the apertures of a pre-pubescent child, young boys, is not sacrosanct in the religion of death.

In the absence of a woman, boys are permitted

Atheists are non – believers or so they say, in a religion, in icons.. good, they are then rational thinkers?  Or they do not believe in the beliefs of others? Why do they then believe in “Hell” . Hell  is a creation of a religion. For the rational thinker, there is no hell nor is there a “Heaven”. So Atheists do believe in some “form of Religion” or an extract of “Religion”.  Many more posts and images about Atheists, but one hopes that they believe in themselves.

However, they seem to believe in “Scientists” to talk about the explosion or the big bang theory, but they cannot give the explanation themselves of how it was created. And they do believe in “abiogenesis, cosmological evolution, organic evolution, thermodynamics and natural selection” which is a “Scientific explanation”. Let them bathe, and when the water runs out or the well runs dry, they will know who made the  world. Life is a learning cycle, and giving credit where credit is due.

atheists 2

They cannot be murdered therefore.

atheists 1

Atheists are most under threat in Muslim countries.



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