Getting a link at least with a reverbnation player which has iframe.

Hi. For all those who have an player from Reverbnation,
you could try this and change the customer id to yours..
and you can get a link but still trying to get it to play automatically,
maybe you can do this yourself.
html_widget/artist_……… (include yours)? (leave the question mark in) widget_id=50#038;posted_by=artist_……..(include yours) #038;pwcdesign=default#038;pwcbackground_color=%23dcd6e8#

(Love Andrea and it starts with < a (no spaces then space to h r e f equals sign =
and the open inverts "https :// finishes with after fit.
The curse with writing this is that even the code is taken out.
Send me an email if you want the code to muck around with it. )
Notes take out the stuff within brackets, at the end of each line,
remove the end line and make it all one paragraph for your code text